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Do you remember what it used to be like when you were young?

I realize everyone’s youth was different and that’s what makes life so interesting. We didn’t have the same experiences or the same challenges or enjoy the same pleasantries when we were young, or now for that matter. I get that.

Remember The Good Times When You Were Young

Remember The Good Times When You Were Young

But from time to time when in elementary school, maybe younger, maybe older, we most likely experienced situations that overlap to some degree. That’s what makes us so similar too, but regardless I think we can all look back on our youth and remember some great, great times.

There are too many experiences for me to perhaps hit upon one that is really meaningful to you. But here are a few that might jog your memory. Maybe you can relate to a hot summer’s day playing with friends and imagining that airplanes overhead are after you and your friends, so you have to hide from them. Or maybe playing cowboys and Indians, then exclaiming to your parents with pride that when we grow up you’re going to be a cowboy.

The smell the honeysuckle hanging on the fence during a hot August afternoon and how all would be peaceful until your dog came running up to you for attention. Reminiscing about a dance you went to during your high school years that turned out okay even though you had no idea what it would be like or whether you’d like it or not.

I can think of a million things when I was young that makes me feel so good inside and I suspect you can to, if you tried. I encourage you to go back to those times to savor and enjoy them. Be careful not to dwell on the bad things that happened because most likely your mind has done enough of that already, not to mention it isn’t very healthy to your becoming the best you that you can be (but that’s another story).

This is your opportunity to enjoy just being, but with a twist, because you’re recalling the wonderful things when you were young that nobody can take away and the makes life so special.

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