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A Fine Read

In anticipation and preparation of my upcoming book entitled Interrogating Millionaires, I’ve been taking courses and learning how to write better and market my book. One of the great courses I’ve been learning from pointed me to a book that was said to help writers, I suspect it said new writers like myself. So I decided to read it.

Read what it takes to be a great writer

Read what it takes to be a great writer

And it’s been a great read. I rarely read anything outside of self-help books unless I’m interested in the topic or needing to gain a new skill. This was no different, so I wasn’t sure I’d like it. In fact, I bought the book on faith because the material that recommended I get it was very good, so I jumped in and got it.

This has been my philosophy about making music purchases too, of which I’ve been a lifelong fan of. And that philosophy goes like this, find a musical group or artist that you like and keep buying their material until you find some reason not to, i.e. You don’t like some of the music that you bought by that artist or group. And this philosophy has served me very well. The only thing is, I missed a lot of one hit wonder type artists/songs, but did get exposed to a lot of them too, because if they’re that good, you hear about them.

So I figure great material will point me to great material and I wasn’t disappointed a bit, truly a great read. There was also another very interesting point about the book that made it easier to purchase and read. That was the subtitle was intriguing. I’m sure I’ve got your interest peaked by now, yes?

The book is a national best seller called bird by bird by Anne Lamott and the subtitle is Some Instructions on Writing and Life. Now that definitely sparks an interest for me because “instructions on life” is a self-improvement concept, to me anyway. The book is very inspiring, motivating and gives a sense of what it will be like when you write and attempt to get your book published. Knowing the emotional side of writing a book will help when you go through it too. You’ll be saying, “I’m right on track, Anne said I’d be rejected and told terrible things about my book, and she was right!”

There were a few parts that I got lost in for a bit, probably me, but all in all an excellent quick and easy read book. You may want to pick it up too. I recommend it.

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