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I was sent a couple of profound questions that needed answering as I travel my success journey

Questions Can Change Your Life For The Better

Questions Can Change Your Life For The Better

I regularly attend a Mastermind group meeting of which there is time devoted to three activities. First, each member explains their victories that have experienced over the previous week. Secondly there is a training session for us to learn and grow intellectually. Lastly, we are given an opportunity to ask any question we may have related to the training, where we may need help, or are hung up in achieving our goals and so on.

I was prepared to share my weekly victory, and the Mastermind leader presents the training material portion of the meeting, however I had no questions to ask as the meeting approached. Now, you may not think this awkward, but I always have questions to help move me forward as I’m actively in pursuit of my dreams and goals.

Then as a result of having engaged in a conversation just prior to this meeting, I was placed into a very uncomfortable situation. The truth hit me smack dab in the forehead. One of the most important items having to do with my success as an internet marketing self-help expert was upon me. And timing couldn’t have been better.

You see, I’m utilizing 100% earnest effort to make my current project a success and doing so partially involves making a more significant internet presence. In the past, my website had lacked focus of which I ignored and have yet to correct. Now I’m asking basic and foundational questions that are required to achieve internet success.

Because my mentor was able and available to answer my questions, I was now in a position to ask some and they weren’t just basic questions, but in my mind, they were questions that will make the difference between success and struggle that most likely would result in failure. And to think I didn’t even have a question ready when going into the meeting.

I think it was divine intervention that made it so and I’m so grateful and thankful that I was given the gift from a source that my conscience mind wasn’t going to find. It was a powerful subconscious gift. The kind I pray for every day, I am so blessed. Now I know I’ll be working from the right foundation. A home built on the wrong foundation crumbles, one built on a firm foundation endures.

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