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Finding Harmony

Harmony Can Be Found In Many Ways And At Many Places

Harmony Can Be Found In Many Ways And At Many Places

I felt really stressed and needing a break to put me into a much better frame of mind. I’m sure everyone’s felt like that, at one time or another. So, I decided to put on a subliminal recording called, “Finding Harmony.” Sounded just like the thing I needed. Right?

Then, I got a message that something fairly bad had happened and needed immediate attention. I couldn’t delay responding to the situation. So, I said, “Umph” and scrapped the idea of listening to the “Finding Harmony” subliminal recording and headed off to conquer this urgent issue.

You may be thinking this was a terrible thing and, I know, I felt a little that way, too. I thought if that recording really works, my using it at that moment would prove it, or not. But that wasn’t going to be.

As I began to shut down my computer for the day, I noticed the recording which I hadn’t even had time to listen to, was still queued up within the program that plays it. I closed the program and realized that I didn’t need that audio program because I got myself busy and focused on other things.

It’s funny, but I’ve done this many times before and I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it in the heat of the moment. I think it may have been that it came to me from a higher power because he knew I needed it just then and it worked.

You see, I was able to find harmony on my own and with a little help from my special guardian above. When I started working on that urgent and important task, my thinking changed. It’s like what Bob Proctor teaches; “Every situation is neither negative nor positive. Our thinking makes it so.” Norman Vincent Peale put it this way, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

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