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Giving is Truly Receiving

When You Give, You Receive

When You Give, You Receive

When I think about how giving is truly receiving, a few concepts come to mind. The first is the idea I’ve had for a very long time that takes the posture of if you give, you will receive. That idea can be taken even further by considering that if you give, you will receive 10 times more than what you gave, but usually from some other source than that of which you gave to. Now, is this philosophy great or what? Yes it is!

The concept discussed above can be related to the second more recently discovered philosophy pertaining to how we feel about giving or when we give. That seems to be one of the biggest reasons people give, which is to experience the feeling you get when you give to others. Perhaps some people feel even better, when they give to those who are less fortunate than themselves. But I never thought about the importance and driving force that these wonderful feelings have on me when I give. The reality is “this” is an often overlooked form of receiving.

We all know that there are many ways to give, for example, our time, money, love, and other ways. So even if we think we have nothing to give, there is always something we can give. Remember, “Teaching” is another great way we have to give that is at our disposal.

But let’s get back to the important message of how we feel after giving and how giving is truly receiving. When we give, it demonstrates to the universe that we have more than we need and that the act of giving supports the “Law of Abundance.” When you give, the feeling or experience you receive by having done so can be considered the receiving part or the reward gained by having given.

Had you never given, you would have robbed yourself of the wonderful feeling you get to experience that giving has to offer. Also when you give, the emotional and uplifting feeling you experience is something that money can’t buy, and from your perspective, far exceeds the value of the gift.

That’s really the receiving part of giving. The receiving part goes way beyond the first concept, which was that of receiving 10 times more benefit than was given, usually from an unexpected and unrelated source. Again, that’s a nice thought, but even those benefits do not rank close to the pleasure and great feelings you get by giving.

As an example, all of us get letters from wonderful organizations that we support asking for money on a regular basis. As a side thought, it’s important to determine whether that organization actually is doing what it is that you’re trying to accomplish by engaging in some serious research to be sure you know where your money is going. But the point is that we can’t give to every positive and beneficial organization every time they ask, even though we would like to.

Even so, whenever I do give to an organization, I feel so wonderful and so will you. Now you know why giving is truly receiving. Try out giving or continue to do it and experience the wonderful feeling for yourself.

Until next time,

Kevin (Mister SelfHelp)

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