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Making a lot of Money

Making a Lot of Money Has a Lot of Lessons Behind It

Making a Lot of Money Has a Lot of Lessons Behind It

I used to concern myself with making a lot of money and doing it quickly. Now I concern myself with enjoying the journey, and that’s really not a concern at all, but instead more of a philosophy. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that some things take time, and I mean a lot of time. But the reality is that the concept of “time,” whether it be long or short is “relative.” In other words, wealth building and financial success like anything, has to be compared to something else in order to determine whether the duration of achieving it is truly long or short.

Take for example, Napoleon Hill studied smart minds of his time for 20 years before he penned his famous book “Think and Grow Rich.” Now some might feel that’s a long time and I say okay, so what if he had done it in five years? I guess we might say that the book was written in a very short amount of time, at least in comparison to the real amount of time it took for him to complete it.

But let’s make this a little more personal. What if it took you five years to accomplish a significant goal in your life? Would it be worth it? I’d say yes. In fact, I’ve accepted that if it took every day of my life to obtain a wonderful goal, whether it be making a lot of money or not, again keeping in mind the concept of relative, I’d gladly do it. Achieving a goal isn’t what is most significant; achieving a goal is a result of what you do, but what you do or the journey, is what is important and brings you happiness. So, if it took a lifetime, it would still be SUPER. And so far I’m right on track!

If we shift the discussion a little, we can focus on the fact that “Making a lot of Money” isn’t really a goal anyway, nor does it have much meaning, when used as a goal. Why? Because there are two elements in a goal. First, there must be a specific measurable objective. Secondly, a goal has a timeline specified to acquiring it even though we don’t really know what that might be, we set it with the expectation of achieving it in that time period. If the goal is missed, then we reset the completion date as long as the goal is something we are still passionate about. But “Making a lot of Money” does sound good :^)

Now that I’ve released myself from the need to make a lot of money in short order, I can begin to focus on what’s really important and that’s helping and serving others. Once we do that “we will meet with success unexpected in common hours,” as Henry David Thoreau said. That’s all we have to know and believe in, serving others. When we do, the world becomes our oyster.

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