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Now’s the Time to Take Action

It seemed very strange to me to declare I was an inventor the first time I did it, but that was the truth. Now it’s a part of me as I speak it comfortably. That’s because I’ve been living it for a while now.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve probably thought about things that would solve problems or something that was needed that maybe you weren’t aware existed or not. I’ve done that and even gone a step further to come up with a solution to the problem.

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Build Something You Can Call Your Own By Implementing Action!

Then the really difficult part comes when you either start working on that solution or say you’ll do it someday and again if you’re like me someday never comes. To make matters worse, there you are sometime later staring at your solution right before you that someone else moved forward on, thereby confirming your suspicion that the market wants it and will pay for it.

The bad part is you’re not in the position to reap the benefits of that solution because you didn’t act on it when you should have. As I can contest, that can be a very frustrating situation to put yourself in.

This time I didn’t want to live that kind of life, so when I realized I had a situation that demanded, at least in my mind, a solution to, that I wasn’t aware existed, I took it upon myself to be that person who brings it to fruition. That’s when I acted and began determining how I would take my solution from an idea to its physical equivalent, a product or prototype.

Now mind you, I haven’t yet completed that part of the task, but I’m well on my way. Before I had this idea, I could have never considered myself an inventor and for that matter before I started writing my book, which hasn’t been completed/published yet, I wouldn’t have fathomed being an author either. But now I am comfortable with both and that’s because of the action I’ve taken towards both endeavors.

The key is to take action and once you do, you’ll be able to stand proud and confident when you say who you are because you’ve begun. I challenge everyone to do the same, don’t just keep your ideas locked up inside you and take them to the grave or watch someone else bring them to market because you didn’t, do it now! Life is too short to think I’ll do it later and we’ve got all the capabilities you need or else you wouldn’t have thought up the idea in the first place.

Find a team of people who will support your dream or idea and work with them or get them enrolled in your idea so you can make it happen. You’ll need to offer up something to them in order to make it all work, but that’s all good. Seems the phrase “It’s all good” is very fashionable right now as I was at the fitness center today and two different people said this to me. So I say to you the same, keep the idea of helping others while they help you as being “all good” and you’ll be on your way. That’s what I’m doing!

One of the best parts about the whole adventure is I’m loving it. I’m really enjoying the pursuit. I have a mission, I have a life purpose and it feels great. Take my word on it, there’s nothing better than having a life’s purpose that you’re working towards.

Now’s the time for action, take action now!

Until next time,

Kevin (Mister Self Help)

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