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Leaders – Appointed or Availed

We all live in the miracle of life, and we all have the choice to make decisions that will determine the life we will live. The most amazing part of life is that we have the opportunity to do, have, and become anything we choose. It’s true.


Make Leaders Out of Leaders!

It was interesting and didn’t dawn on me until later, that while attending my child’s high school assembly a lesson was at hand. A volunteer was sought from each class, freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior to participate in a competition of the minds by answering questions. Out of hundreds of students, the program leader had to ask several times for a volunteer in order to get the four she needed. Here was an opportunity to live life by participating, and it took several minutes to find these brave folks who stepped forward and make themselves known.

Why is this? That’s probably a deeper question than can be properly addressed in this post, so perhaps we’ll save it for another. However, think about this: Would you want a person from a high school assembly situation to a High Tech Manager exhibit the courage to step up to the plate and make themselves known that they are the right person for the task by declaring themselves so?

It seems that by selecting someone over them coming forward, you are running a much bigger risk because they don’t see in themselves what you see in them. For if they did, they would have had the courage to choose themselves prior to you choosing them, by making their intentions known. On the other hand, the person who stands up and says, “I’m the right person” has already determined in his or her mind that he or she is the correct person for the challenge and has a great attitude in making it happen. He/she is putting themselves out there in the midst of possible vulnerability, which shows how much they “believe” in themselves and their abilities.

A person’s attitude and life won’t change much from high school, unless they want it to change and make a conscious decision to work on themselves. School doesn’t teach how to be bold and build self-confidence. It’s a shame, but it’s true. Once a person gets on a self-improvement plan, they soon find that the train never stops. The reward of being on a self-improvement ride is a happy, fulfilled and extraordinary life.

There are three levels of initiative, and you choose what level you are going to embrace:

  1. Discuss your abilities and intentions to a lot of people, so they are known and offer them to someone who can make it happen
  2. Volunteer when a request is made
  3. Someone in leadership believes enough in you to offer a leadership position

I believe as you review the above list, you’ll find the most capable and likely to succeed people to be in agreement with number 1, and you’ll increase your risk of experiencing inferior results, by utilizing the other options. When you offer a leadership position to someone, it’s like trying to tighten a bolt with a screwdriver. Then the person may or may not develop into a really great leader, unless they are truly special and committed to lifelong learning. If not, you’ll most likely end up with a mediocre manager at best and a poor one at worst. Either way, it creates confusion and holds an organization back from achieving all that they can be. When a qualified individual, who demonstrates a desire to move into a leadership position is promoted, it’s like using a tool in a manner it’s meant to be used.

Just like the high school assembly filled with hundreds of students, who will step up and identify themselves as different from everyone else? Anyone can become a leader because we aren’t born leaders, we choose to be one. Make your decision, I’ve made mine.

Until next time,

Kevin (Mister Self Help)

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