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How To Prepare For Crucial Conversations


Silence Moves Us Away From Dialog


Violence Moves Us Away From Dialog

My latest book recommendation is from VitalSmarts authors Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler called Crucial Conversations.  I just completed my second time reading it and a few overall comments dawned on me during my first time through and are as follows:

  • The most thought-provoking and awakening book
  • The most valuable and useful information I’ve probably ever read in creating positive relationships and communicating effectively with others
  • I equate this book to part 2 of “How to win friends and influence people,” a book by Dale Carnegie of which I suspect most of you have read, probably more than once

I am so glad to have run across this book. It’s taught me so much and as a result helped me to better understand past situations and will undoubtedly be an extremely valuable tool and skill to have for future leadership and relationship-building situations.

I recommend you read it at least two times, one after the other, with the first time in intensive study mode, including underlining, book marking, and with extreme concentration. Second time through will help to solidify it in your mind and reinforce your learning.

Over 20 years of research has gone into this marvel that reveals how the very small minority of super effective leaders are known by many to have powers beyond that of which anyone else has, or so it seems. Imagine if you had those same powers, and best of all you can. Over 3 million books have been sold along with accolades/endorsements from many leaders (i.e. Stephen R. Covey and Mark Victor Hansen).

It seems like this treasure may have not been on the radar of some people’s positive life enhancing teachings, so I want to do my part to promote it.

The book Crucial Conversations is life changing, don’t miss it.

Click here to read Crucial Conversation Tips.

Until next time,

Kevin (Mister SelfHelp)

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