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The Truth Is My Boss Loved Me

I remember at the age of 27 when I had just finished college, how different a person I was as compared to today. At the time I was 1 to 2 years away from beginning my life long journey towards committed daily self improvement and personal growth. Even though I wasn’t quite ready for that journey, I was unknowingly preparing myself to get there.

At that time, I thought I was a “very important person”, well that’s a nice way of putting it. I had an ego, thinking I was a college graduate and unless you were like me you weren’t very important. Let’s just say I had very shallow thinking at that time.

Fortunately with that attitude my first corporate experience awakened and humbled me to my misguided thinking. I joined at the time a small computer networking company that was to become one of the largest companies in the world. I was hired as an Electronic Technician because one of my college colleagues had been hired to do the same work of which management liked and they were looking for more folks like him. I was so naive and ignorant to believe if I did the same work and followed in my friend’s same footsteps that I would receive the same success that he had enjoyed. That wasn’t the case, most likely because of my poor attitude and perhaps other factors. Not obtaining what I felt I deserved in the corporate world left me very bitter and disappointed.

Save Yourself From Yourself

Save Yourself From Yourself

Looking back, I can see most likely management was right and I was wrong, especially with my huge ego and lack of people skills. But at the time I didn’t see it that way. My manager told me there were books and tools out there to help me. I replied in my mind that he had the problem and I was fine, so he ought to take his own advice. The truth is my boss loved me enough to know what I needed and I wasn’t quite ready to realize that and run with it. I again had stooped to shallow thinking. My frustration led me to looking at ways to get off the corporate train I had just got on. In other words, I began to look for a way to gain my freedom from a job and to make my own way by being my own boss.

So when I was approached by someone to join a multi-level marketing opportunity I was ready and liked what I heard. That’s when I found out you have to work on yourself in order to be able to work effectively with others and with others anything is possible.

I began working on myself through self improvement books, CDs, and association with positive people who were doing the same self-help learning I was doing and slowly I began to change for the better. I learned how to be happy and became a very happy and positive person. My relationships improved dramatically and my outlook on life was of excitement and gratitude. I’ve never stopped learning and growing and I never will. This new habit became one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received and I gave it to myself.

I wish that you too can find peace and happiness that helps to bring joy to your life. May you be blessed with a healthy, safe, and long life.

Kevin Levine

Believe Yourself To Success Because Belief Equals Possibility

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