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Be Happy

Being Happy is a choice

Being Happy Is A Choice

Being happy can be a challenge sometimes, I get it, but I learned a bit of a new perspective on what being happy can achieve by having recently read a story from Chicken Soup For the Soul book about a person who everywhere he went said a complimentary gesture to everyone he met. I’ve been saying hello and smiling to nearly everyone I’ve met for many years so this kind of action isn’t that foreign to me.

The interesting thing that was talked about in the book is the affect doing so has on others and how it can be passed along to others like a domino effect and result in perhaps a thousand people being positively touched because of the acts of kindness that you implement in your daily activities.

Now that’s powerful in a positive way. Think about it. Taking this action doesn’t cost anything and yet it will make you happy and potentially many others based on this simple behavior. And that can be life changing for you and others. In addition, it can change the world. Think if everyone took this kind of action on a daily basis how the world would change for the better nearly overnight.

So even though I had been smiling and saying hello to others for a long time, I decided to incorporate even more emphasis on my action by waving, smiling, and saying hello even while I ride my bike and in all my comings and goings. I drew the attention of a driver and we all laughed because it was so much fun.

I even caught myself when I was in a store I frequent and an employee nicely gestured to me and I noticed that I wasn’t taking the opportunity to gesture others. When I realized this, I quickly shifted back into that mode again. It’s kind of like when you are starting any new habit like being positive as much as possible and noticing that you need a slight adjustment to get back into that mode after catching yourself slipping. And again like anything, as you practice it more and more, it begins to become more of who you are day by day.

Spread a little bit of cheer and love by being happy, and to do that you have to play the part.

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