Start Believing in You

October 16th, 2013

Belief Equals Possibility. That’s what a good friend told me as he knows this site is mine. It’s funny he had to say this to me, but it emphasizes the point that I need to work harder on me. And that’s just what I’m doing.

And to help, I came across this very inspiring video as I work to believe in anything that is important enough to believe in (i.e. my dreams and goals). I think you’re going to like it. Enjoy.

If you’re not where you want to be, keep working on your belief in where you want to be. Everything will fall into place if you do.

Until next time,


The Power of Faith and How it is Acquired or Realized?

June 27th, 2013

What is faith? That’s probably the first thing you need to understand, because if you don’t recognize the importance of faith, then nothing else really matters.

See Your Life For What it Can Be By Implementing Faith

It took me many years to understand what faith is and you may be thinking you already know too. But to me, faith is the precursor to success. Why? Because faith is required to succeed at anything that you want to succeed at.

I’ve also heard it said that faith is believing you will succeed at what it is you desire, which isn’t a bad way of explaining faith either. But “belief” is the predecessor to “faith”. In other words, you have to believe in something before you can have faith in it. But if you want to get to the underlying theme of what faith truly is and what I subscribe to, faith is belief in yourself that you can achieve what it is you are after or the success you desire before it actually happens at a subconscious level. Once you believe you can accomplish something, you are on your way in doing just that. Read the rest of this entry »

Believing Equals Achieving

February 1st, 2013

Hello Everyone.

As you can see in this video clip anything is possible. You’ve just got to believe and begin to take action in your dreams. Enjoy this inspiring message that we all can learn and benefit from. You have the capacity to overcome and achieve anything you want because Belief Equals Possibility.

Remember your dreams and remember your purpose. I believe in you and your dreams. Follow them.

Until next time,

Kevin (Mister SelfHelp)

Believe Yourself To Success Because Belief Equals Possibility

Learning Things School Never Taught Us On How To Live A Better Life ©

Find Your Own Stairway to Heaven Here on Earth

January 14th, 2013

Here is a most riveting version of Stairway to Heaven written by Led Zeppelin and performed here by Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart. I think everyone loves this song because it speaks from the heart. Follow your dream, find it, and live it. I invite you to listen to this very special performance and most of all enjoy. Then continue searching for your dreams and NEVER GIVE UP on them!

Keep in mind that we aren’t on this planet consisting of miracle after miracle to not live our fullest life. So let’s get what it is we are after done, step by step. Work as a team with mentors and masterminds like Led Zeppelin has. Stairway to Heaven wasn’t created by one person, it took a team of players. You are blessed and Incredible!

Kevin (Mister SelfHelp)

Believe Yourself To Success Because Belief Equals Possibility

Learning Things School Never Taught Us On How To Live A Better Life ©

Zig Ziglar Died Today

November 28th, 2012

It saddened me to find out that one of my great Mentors passed today, Zig Ziglar. Zig has been such a great inspiration to me and so many. There are very few people who reach the level of importance and success within the Self Improvement industry as Zig has done. I’m so thankful he left us with some treasures in the way or books and recordings. I will always enjoy them.

Here is the email I got this morning from Zig’s family:

In Loving Memory of Zig Ziglar 1926-2012‏

Zig Ziglar passed from this world today after a short bout with pneumonia. Though his time on earth has ended, he is speaking with Jesus now in his heavenly home. The angels in heaven are rejoicing and his family is celebrating a life well lived.

If Zig has impacted your life or you want to leave a message to the family, please leave your remarks on his FaceBook page. Don’t worry about being too specific or long. Take as much space as you want…the family wants to know.

Please check back on FaceBook as we will be posting when the memorial service will be held.

Zig Ziglar - One of the Great People of Our Lives

Here are my comments to Zig Ziglar’s family and I encourage you to share yours:

I very much enjoyed listening to Zig who has been my mentor for over 20 years. I’ll continue to learn from him as his wisdom is timeless. I wish the best to his family and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such an incredible person. You are already missed Zig. You are Incredible!

How Can I Get Better Words of Wisdom From Anthony Robbins

August 18th, 2012

I was listening to one of my Nightingale Conant programs featuring Anthony Robbins and I was yet again inspired by one of my mentors and found deep meaning the way he discusses the thought “How can I get better?”

Nobody Ever Said Life Would Be A Bowl Of Cherries, Ask Yourself How Can I Get Better?

Nobody Ever Said Life Would Be A Bowl Of Cherries, Ask Yourself How Can I Get Better?

I believe Anthony may make a slightly different spin on it like “How can I make it better?” or something similar and then I thought “How can we make it better?” and I’m sure there are other spins on the way this is presented or shared, but the true higher intelligence is in “How can we improve on what it is we already have?”, whether it’s within us or outside us.

The real value is in not settling for complacency, but instead always striving to “be” or “do” better or more than you did before, so you can become a new better you. You should be always getting better at Read the rest of this entry »

Your life’s Purpose and Passion

April 4th, 2012

I’ve been listening and paying attention to my mentors and in doing so have come to peace with what it is that I’m on this planet to do. Just like them I’m here to give to you the best in order for you to believe and achieve. I’ve even changed the subtitle of Belief Equals Possibility to read “The Number 1 Site on Believing and Achieving”.

Have An Eye For Your Life's Purpose And Passion

Have An Eye For Your Life's Purpose And Passion

One common thread that runs between all my mentors is they’ve found their life’s purpose and passion by giving of themselves in such a way that they continuously work to do all they can do to help you, what I’d call “Our loyal fans!”

They give of themselves over and over in a labor of love. It’s not really work to them, but rather an opportunity to do what they love to do. Doesn’t that sound like they’ve found their Life’s Purpose and Passion?
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Everyone Loves Excellence!

March 17th, 2012

Dara Torres an American Hero

Dara a World Hero Through Excellence

I’ve recently completed reading “Age is Just a Number” by Dara Torres of which I enjoyed immensely. In this book, Dora talks about her journey through 5 Olympic swimming competitions and in the process having acquired 12 medals including 4 Gold from age 14 to 41. It’s noted at age 45 she expects to be in the 2012 summer Olympics too.

As I thought about Dara and her accomplishments it dawned on me that Dara is a US hero and then I quickly realized she’s a world hero. Regardless who you are or what your age is you can find admiration and inspiration from Dara’s story.
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Change The Way You Think

March 11th, 2012

I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché from Anthony J. D΄Angelo “Your mind is like a parachute, it only works if it’s open”. Isn’t that so true?

I made a recent purchase at my local Apple store and got an iPad2. Now I know Apple’s products aren’t the cheapest around, but they are some of the most innovated. In any event, I heard 3 days before my 14 day return period that the iPad3 was now available. So I decided to return the iPad2 and order the iPad3. My wife asked if they would take the return because it had been used to which I said I believe so.

Keep Your Mind Open

See Your Life as Open

They did take the return, but what was so memorable to me during that experience was the way the sales person (James) handled the return and treated us. There weren’t any ill feelings about the situation; in fact he did everything right in my opinion. He handled it smoothly, professionally, and even answered questions I had as they came to mind. And it wasn’t just James who had this attitude, it was the person I spoke to before James who routed me to him (I forgot her name). My belief is that the buying experience should be just as good as the returning experience.
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The Value of Money – Doing the Right Thing

December 5th, 2011

As I walked my dogs tonight I thought about the value of money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe money is good. It has the power to do great things in this world in helping people, good causes, and many many wonderful results. So I’m definitely a money making proponent.

My gripe is when making a decision is based on making money rather than “Doing the right thing”. I’m probably talking about this out of frustration and disappointment more than anything, but it’s a story that needs to be told.

Money in hand

Here’s an example, the car industry letting the petroleum companies dictate how many miles per gallon a car can have or making them continue to create cars that run on gas when doing so creates a loud, smelly, polluting, and war causing situation verses creating cars that run on electricity created by solar panels placed on the roofs and bodies of a car. It’s easy to see that the latter is “The right thing to do” and what do we live with?

I really believe in doing the right thing over making money when there is a conflict. And it angers me to see the “wrong” thing being done instead. I don’t believe there is any excuse in doing anything other than what’s right. There’s always an excuse for doing the wrong thing when it is done, but the truth is there is a better solution that will benefit all the so called excuses that far surpasses loss of making a change, for doing the right thing.
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