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You Will Be Missed Robin Williams

I don’t normally write about the passing of a popular figure, but it’s rare that we have the likes of a person as wonderful as Robin Williams among us. I couldn’t let his passing be silenced in my blog, Belief Equals Possibility. Robin had a huge impact on me throughout his entire career. I was always interested in what he was creating.

Robin Williams

Be Like Robin Williams, Don’t Compromise Success

He was as diverse an actor as most any that have come or will come are way. His talents in my opinion rank way up there and although I enjoyed his serious roles, I really loved his funny ones. That’s because laughing is so healthy to us, as human beings.

I talk about it periodically, but laughing and being happy is like the opposite of poison because that’s what you’re doing to yourself when you are mad, angry, and upset. You’re setting off poisons within yourself that increase the aging process and work against all the good that we work to achieve, I believe that. And it’s pretty clear that you can’t be angry, upset, or mad when you’re laughing or happy and Robin was always making me laugh and be happy.

He made us laugh and become happy through his art of acting, Robin had other really great values, one of which was that he followed his passion and didn’t settle for anything less than his best. He knew that acting was worthy of him to do and he excelled at it. We all can learn from that that we need to work at what we’re good at and not try to build up our weaknesses. Robin knew this important truth and it showed in his work.

And lastly, although I could probably go on for many more pages about the wonderful things he did and stood for, Robin was a huge giver. He gave of his time, money and of himself to make the world we live in better because he walked through it. He will not soon be forgotten and I thank him for his service to humanity.

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