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Can I Benefit From Self Help or Self Improvement?

Can I Benefit From Self Help or Self Improvement?

I’ve got plans based on the learning and growth I’ve acquired

“Can I benefit from Self Help or Self Improvement?” This is a question everyone should be asking themselves, because the answer to this question is very alarming. Now let’s serious think about the answer to this question, but before we do let’s consider the following question first. “What do I absolutely have to have in order to live a desired life?” Everyone may not consider Self help techniques to be “necessary” or “required” to live a desired life that is full of happiness, love, joy ,and fulfillment, although it could be debated. Another viewpoint is you can achieve everything you desire even if you never engage in any self improvement activities. Right?

Wrong, well maybe. Here’s why. You’re certainly not going to live a desired life if you don’t work daily to improve yourself. First, if we create a list of things we must have, we end up with a list that has items like food, water, shelter, love, and perhaps a few other things to round out our basic needs. However, moving beyond those basic needs, we begin to get into “desired” or what some might think are “required” items, like going to work 5 days a week or whatever is necessary to fulfill this commitment. Examples of “desired” activities might consist of exercise, entertainment, relaxation, and even these activities are debatable.

What is most interesting is that most of us engage in activities that are negative by nature and sometimes even on a daily basis. For example, watching the news or talking with people that are negative influencing individuals. Now, consider what most do and the results we get in comparison to what we are capable of achieving. Think there is a relationship between whether we have a positive or negative attitude and what we achieve? You betch-ya. However it is the habits we engage in on a habitual basis that are the most influential in determining what results we get in life.

Consider the activities that exhibit the opposite results as described in the preceding paragraph of which most people engage in on a daily or habitual means. What would that be? It means associating with people that have a positive attitude and who are bright minded individuals. These talented well educated folk read, listen to self improvement type recordings and attend self improvement seminars. You might be skeptical of what I’m suggesting, but here’s the proof. Take a look at five of the most successful people who have a balanced life in all areas, their relationships, wealth, spirituality, and family. See who they associate with or have and what activities they do/did regularly. You’ll see these individuals have large libraries, met with positive like minded people, and listened to audio books, along with having attended or studied content from self improvement events.

My question to you is who do you want to become? The happy, peaceful new you or the discouraged and frustrated person you may have been. If your life isn’t measuring up to where you want it to be, you can change it. Nobody else can, only you. It starts by knowing that you can benefit from self improvement or self help and, then, taking daily actions to protect yourself from the negative and embrace positive thoughts by feeding your mind self improvement knowledge and wisdom.

To answer the question “Can I benefit from Self Help or Self Improvement?” The answer is a resounding yes and if you’re not engaged in it, one way or another, you’re not going to live a happy fulfilling life. It’s that important. Self improvement ranks right up there with money and oxygen, you’ve got to have it and you’ll find the more self improvement that you involve yourself with, the more wealth you’ll have. It’s a choice, don’t rob yourself of what you need.

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